Nepali Public Holidays
२०८० सालका राष्ट्रिय बिदाहरू (Nepali Public Holidays 2023/2024 A.D)
Public offices and most private businesses in Nepal operate six days a week and only close on Saturdays. International organizations have their own rules, and normally close on Saturdays and Sundays. Government holidays for the upcoming year are published in Nepal Gazette. Nepal celebrates a number of religious and non-religious holidays. On most of these holidays, most government offices and private institutions are closed, although is not mandatory for privately owned businesses to close and international organizations may operate their own calendar.
Some of these events are region, religion or gender specific. For example, a certain holiday in Nepal can only be for women. The longest consecutive public holiday in Nepal is during Vijaya Dashami. On this festival, holidays fall consecutively i.e. from Fulpati to Duwadashi for six days. Ghatasthapana and Kojagrat Purnima holidays are part of this festival but are separate from the six-day holiday. These festival holidays do not fall on the same calendar date every year, as they are celebrated on the basis of Lunar dates also known as tithi. Holidays such as Loktantra Diwas (Democracy Day) and Republic day are celebrated on the basis of Bikram Sambat calendar dates.
जेठ (Jestha)
Event Name Nepali Date (BS) Gregorian Date (AD)
Republic Day
(Republic Day)
15 (15 Jestha 2080 ) 2023 May 29
असार (Ashar)
Event Name Nepali Date (BS) Gregorian Date (AD)
Harishayani Ekadashi Wrata/Eid Al Adha/Chaturmaas Wrata Aarambha
(Harishayani Ekadashi Wrata/Eid Al Adha/Chaturmaas Wrata Aarambha)
14 (14 Ashar 2080 ) 2023 June 29
साउन (Shrawan)
यस महिनामा कुनै पनि बिदा छैन।
भदौ (Bhadra)
Event Name Nepali Date (BS) Gregorian Date (AD)
Gaura Parwa
(Gaura Parwa)
7 (7 Bhadra 2080 ) 2023 August 24
Janai Purnima/ Rakshya Bandhan/Gaijatra
(Janai Purnima/ Rakshya Bandhan/Gaijatra)
14 (14 Bhadra 2080 ) 2023 August 31
Saparu (GaiJatra)/Ropai Jatra
(Saparu (GaiJatra)/Ropai Jatra)
15 (15 Bhadra 2080 ) 2023 September 1
Shree Krishna Janmashtami/National Day Against Human Trafficking
(Shree Krishna Janmashtami/National Day Against Human Trafficking)
20 (20 Bhadra 2080 ) 2023 September 6
चैत (Chaitra)
Event Name Nepali Date (BS) Gregorian Date (AD)
Fagu Poornima / Holi/Poornima Vrata/World Tuberculosis Day
(Fagu Poornima / Holi/Poornima Vrata/World Tuberculosis Day)
11 (11 Chaitra 2080 ) 2024 March 24
Fagu Poornima (Terai)
(Fagu Poornima (Terai))
12 (12 Chaitra 2080 ) 2024 March 25
Ghode Jaatra/Sombare Aunshi
(Ghode Jaatra/Sombare Aunshi)
26 (26 Chaitra 2080 ) 2024 April 8
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