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    Sep/Oct 2024
    2081 Ashwin
    Oct 14, 2024
    असोज शुक्ल एकादशी
    Dashain Holiday
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    Dashain Holiday/Pradosh Vrata/World Smile Day

    The tradition of Tika after Dashami.

    Mainly the Tika of Dashami day is considered special. Keeping in mind the context where it is not possible to wear tika on the day of Dashami itself because of the traveling distance, the tradition of tika and jamra till the Poorima has been established.

    From the Dashami day to the full moon, the Tika pursuit continues and till Dwadashi, Dashain holiday is given.

    Pradosh Vrat

    Triodashi is called Pradosh. Like Ekadashi, Pradosh is important every month, Vishnu is remembered in Ekadashi and Shiva is remembered in Pradosh. Pradosh begins 45 minutes before sunset and ends 45 minutes after sunset.

    Pradosha Katha
    It is mentioned in the scriptures that Lord Shiva cured the disease of the moon on the day of Triodashi, when the effect of the moon was diminishing.

    Due to this, Pradosh Vrat is observed in Triodashi of every month in remembrance of Lord Shiva. It is more fruitful to worship Shiva in the time of pradosh.

    World Smile Day

    Do you have something in us that can easily attract others? This thing reflects our attitude and our personality. Don't think too much, this thing is our smile, our sweet smile free from any formality and compulsion. A smile is a feeling that comes out of our mind which makes the people around us happy and attracts everyone to us.

    Since a smile is important for everyone, Smile Day is celebrated around the world on the first Friday of October every year to reflect on the importance of a smile.

    Harvey Ball, a Worcester-based artist, brought a smile to his face during his performance in 1963, and people's attention was drawn to the importance of smiles. Since then, the day has been formally celebrated since 1999.

    Since the death of Harvey Ball in 2001, the "World Harvey Ball Smile Foundation", founded in his memory, has been organizing Smile Day special events in many places today. The foundation's slogan is "Improve the world with a smile."

    World Smile day 2022 theme: do an act of kindness, help one person smile'
    In today's world of competition, many people work so hard to get ahead in life that they even forget to give a sweet smile. But one of the most important things in life is to smile and teach and encourage others to smile. Smiling people easily stay in everyone's mind.
    Corona and terror also have an easy and simple remedy, which is smile and positive thinking, let's swear to fight the overall challenges of the world with the jewel of smile.

    Happy World Smile Day to all. Always smile, be happy!

    Suyog Dhakal

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