Loktantra Diwas/SEE 2078-Compulsory Maths | लोकतन्त्र दिवस/SEE २०७८-अनिवार्य गणित | 2079 Baishakh 11 | Hamro Patro

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Apr/May 2022
2079 Baishakh
Apr 24, 2022

Loktantra Diwas/SEE 2078-Compulsory Maths
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Loktantra Diwas

Remembering all the known and unknown martyrs of the People's Movement (Jana Andolan), and all the fighters of the democracy, paying tribute to the democrat warriors, thinkers, and soldiers who died in every series of People's War. Due to the great sacrifice and austerity of everyone, today, federal democratic Nepal has arrived at the confluence of the 15th Democratic Day.

Every Baisakh 11, the golden day in the manifestation of a newer Nepal, Happy Loktantra Diwas.

The day of the abolition of the royal family and the direct rule of the monarchy with the commencement of the democratic republic Nepal are celebrated with grandeur all over the country.

In this transformation, Nepal has seen a lot of tragedies, bloodsheds, revolutions, bullets, deaths, and dreams. Today is the day of reviewing all of them and calculating how far we ran towards the dream of a newer and prosperous Nepal.

After the Second People's Movement of 62 and 63 BS, the autocratic monarchy fell to its knees on Baishakh 11. After a decade long armed conflict in Nepal, Maoist, and other political parties agreed and started a combined revolution against the autocratic monarch. With the success of the People's Movement, the warring CPN-Maoist returned to the peace process.

While celebrating Democracy Day to commemorate the end of King Gyanendra's direct rule after the 19-day protest, many have expressed frustration and grievances on social media. It is certain that widespread corruption, inequality, factional strife and unhealthy competition for power have pushed the country away from the mainstream of development. However, 16 years ago today, the conflicting parties also came to the mainstream of politics and agreed to draw a blueprint for a new Nepal.

The former King Gyanendra Shah had gone out of the Narayanhiti Durbar by handing over the ruling power to the Nepali people, thus the journey of constitution assembly was started. Almost a decade long constitution-making efforts and two episodes of the election, Nepal finally crafted and drafted its new constitution on the Asoj 3rd of 2072 BS.

The promises are yet to be kept, to a larger extent people have started to lose their faith upon the system and a dream of newer Nepal is still predominantly dictated by the hangover of an older Nepal. The transformation is still incomplete, the imperials have just changed their forms and the Singhadurbar is not equally distributed in every corner of Nepal, this is a perfect day to look back and learn where we are failing on our pursuit to prosperity. The treasures of imperials and oppressors are yet so protected and oppressed are yet ironically voiceless.

There are so many events, sermons, workshops, political gatherings and speeches organized across Nepal, the president also delivers a speech on this day. Let democracy be proved as a true democracy, remittance of wages sent by youth Nepali from abroad is indeed not sustainable.

May justice and prosperity abode. Let there be a fire in every stove, and blossom in the courtyard.

Suyog Dhakal

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