Meen Sankranti/Social Work Day/World Consumer Rights Day | मीन संक्रान्ति/सामाजिक सेवा दिवस/विश्व उपभोक्ता अधिकार दिवस | 2078 Chaitra 1 | Hamro Patro

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Mar/Apr 2022
2078 Chaitra
Mar 15, 2022

Meen Sankranti/Social Work Day/World Consumer Rights Day
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Meen Sankranti welcomes this Basantam l World Social Work day l World Consumer Rights day

With the dryness and light breezes of March, dried leaves and dust particulars frequently appear and reappear in our courtyard and doorsteps. These movements bring a strange inspiration in our heart, the long winter is now being compensated by the warm waves. Congratulations, we have managed to witness these 11 incredible months of the current year, welcome to this final and 12th month, Chaitra.

The pure Sanskrit translation defines the word "Sanskrit" as a transitional and changing phase of time, Sakranti depicts the changes of months, and the first day of a new month is Sakranti as we all know. Along with these passing months, our dress, seasons and thinking are also changed, Meen Sankranti now demands to store your winter clothes and take back summer clothes.

Sun enters in Meen Rashi from either Kumva or Mesh Rashi, this day has its own religious significance and devotion towards the Sun and its light. Rural Nepal is now all set to organize local fares "Melas", Chaitra is a month of color and brightness. These Melas are organized above the recently cut wheat plants in the fields, Cuckoos are singing the valor of love and rejoice.

Welcome to the spring, king of all seasons. Loads of love, Happy Chaitra.

World Social Work day

World Social Work Day is observed every year on the third Tuesday in March. The day recognizes the hard work and diligence of social workers. On this day, a global organization of social workers advocates for social justice, human rights, and social development while promoting the best practices in social work.

The International Federation of Social Workers (I.F.S.W.) promotes World Social Work Day. Since 1983, the Federation, an international, non-governmental organization of social workers, has worked with other organizations to support international aid and to recognize the achievements and contributions of social workers worldwide

Social workers serve many roles in our community. Moreover, in the case of Nepal, many changes have taken place in the society due to the selfless service of social workers. Whether it's the message that Jeewan Jal should be consumed or the message of vaccinations, from maternal and child health volunteers to hand washing messages and methods, we have come to know about it under the leadership and participation of social workers.

Welcome to Social Service Day 2022.

Co-building a New Eco-Social World Leaving no one behind: This year's Social Service Day is envisaged with the slogan Co-building a New Eco-Social World.

The theme of this year's Social Service Day presents a vision and action plan for creating new global values, policies and practices that advocate for the sustainable development of the planet as a whole, including trust and security for all people.

Best wishes on this day

World Consumer Rights day

Raising global awareness for consumer rights and needs is the vital necessity of today, we all are a consumer in a different way and features and our demands and rights must be protected and preserved. Globally, consumer the right is frequently interrupted by market abuses and social injustices, undermining consumer rights is a direct violation of the human rights and its form.

The world is connected by technology and these technical platforms in themselves are the biggest market place, the scenario of consumer rights have been changed a lot since its first emancipation. The consumer right day of march 15th connects to the march 15th on 1962 when former US president John F Kennedy delivered a special message to US congress with an apparent address to the consumer right globally.

Competition and consumer protection can create a context of economic growth and poverty alleviation in a developing nation like Nepal. Competition creates innovation in producer's arena and creates a more open and competitive business environment enabling employment opportunity and community involvement. On the other hand, consumer protection benefits all consumers by assuring that they are consuming non-hazardous products and services, delivers them informed choice decision making and bringing several alternates to their palate.

Now you can easily order goods from home without going to the market just by looking at the internet. With such a momentous change in consumption style, we have both opportunities and challenges. Remember, global studies have shown that 40 percent of the world's population is involved in online media. In Nepal, however, reliable online payment gateways are still not widely known. But gradually the online market is also growing in Nepal.

The slogan for World Consumer Rights Day 2022 is "Fair Digital Finance". This year's Consumer Rights Day is being celebrated advocating for equal and transparent digital finance. The ban on investments in digital currencies in Nepal this year, the limits on transactions in online payment systems and many other issues will be discussed today.

Consumer right is also about empowering consumers, Nepali consumers are considered one among the aware and empowered consumers dealing with domestic and multinational products for a long time. Internationalization and institutionalization of consumer right related laws are the need for today, UN guidelines for the protection of consumer right has been playing a substantial role in the global market. Consumer right day advocates for the economic and social well-being of consumers across the globe wishes of a meaningful consumer right day to all responsible service and product generators and aware consumers.

Suyog Dhakal for Hamro Patro

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