Bhaai TIka/ Kija Pooja | भाई टिका / किजा पूजा | 2080 Kartik 29 | Hamro Patro

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    Oct/Nov 2023
    2080 Kartik
    Nov 15, 2023
    कार्तिक शुक्ल द्वितीया
    Bhaai TIka/ Kija Pooja
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    Bhai Tika/ Kija Pooja

    Bhaitika Audiocast

    This year's Vaitika auspicious time (Uttam Sait) is at 10:51 AM.

    Bhai Tika is a specific festival that exclusively acknowledges and showcases the love between brother and sister.

    A brother, far from the city of sister, comes to sister's place today and they rejoice sisterhood and brotherhood.

    Today, it is customary for sisters to worship their brothers, including saptarangi tikas, ever fresh-looking Makhamali garlands, selrotis, anarsa, chocolate, cashews, raisins, coconut, sweets, spices, and other foods. Brother gifts back to sister, this is a divine festival. Bhai means brother and Tika join together to make Bhai Tika.

    Anecdote of Yamaraj on Bhaitika
    It is believed that even the Yamaraj, the god of death once returned without occurring death to a man. This happened because the perspective's sister prayed to Yama for the long life of her brother.

    Yamaraj also comes to the earth and meets his sister today, as mentioned in quotes and scriptures.

    There is a huge importance of Saptarangi Tika or the tika made of seven colors, especially today. People are seen with a rainbow-colored Tika in their forehead, this signifies that they have sisters and brothers and they value that relationship.

    Brothers and sisters who have not met for a long time are meeting today. Love and harmony are being exchanged. Even in Nepal, India, Bhutan, Myanmar, and Thailand, the festival is celebrated in its own way. Today is a very important and enjoyable day of brotherhood and love.

    Things are different, due to the health crisis there is a transmission risk. May every brother and sisters be safe and may the love prevail.

    Kija Pooja
    "Swanti" is the term used to denote five Yamapanchak days in Nepal Bhasa or Newa language. Highlighting the lead of females in household and showcasing the love for the entire ecosystem, these days advocate for the wellbeing of crow, dog, Laxmi, cow, and brothers/ sisters.

    The Newa community, rich in various traditions, festivals, civilizations, and cultures, has been celebrating Kaag Tihar and Kukur Tihar, they have been celebrating Lakshmi Puja, Mha Puja, and Kija Puja. It is also called Swanti Nakha because it has been celebrated continuously for three days. In the Newa language, Swanhu means three days, and Nakh means the festival of the moon.

    In the agrarian Newa community, the three-day festival is seen as a celebration of bringing in paddy from the fields and completing the year-round reckoning, as well as worshiping one's body and receiving the nutrients needed to move forward while struggling for the new year.

    On this day, mandapa is prepared and decorated like on the day of Mha Puja. All kinds of fruits are also kept in the mandapa. In the community, instead of Pancharangi Tika, there is Akshata, a mix of Abir, yogurt, beaten rice (Chiura), and water which is called 'Jaki Singh' in Newari culture. In the Newar community, it is customary to offer Sagun from today, just like on the day of Mha Puja.

    Offering Panchatatva, one worships, and wishes for the longevity of one's brother. The festival is famous in the Newa community for the intimacy between the deities and acknowledging the love of sisters within every human being.

    Good luck everyone!

    -Suyog Dhakal

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