Prajatantra Diwas / Election Day | प्रजातन्त्र दिवस / निर्वाचन दिवस | 2080 Falgun 7 | Hamro Patro

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    Feb/Mar 2024
    2080 Falgun
    Feb 19, 2024
    माघ शुक्ल दशमी
    Prajatantra Diwas / Election Day
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    Democracy Day: Prajatantra diwas

    "Prajatantra Diwas" or National democracy day, this day holds a specific and significant value into Nepali calendar/ events. As a citizen of the peaceful land of Buddha's birthplace known also as the roof of this world, today I have decided to talk about democracy and its meaning about which some of the most intelligent people seem confused.

    Just imagine that we stepped into a time machine and we are transported/ teleported back 2500 years to ancient Greece. Sounds funny but the root of democracy is found there, primarily it means mass governance, and decisions were taken based on mass votes. Let me simplify, this process was almost like a referendum, this mass gathering was organized under uniform time and the decision of the majority was carried out. Demos means people and Kratos means power, this is how today's democracy came up.

    In the context of Nepal, a lot of Nepali brothers and sisters lost their life for this word and virtue "Democracy". This widely acknowledged political ruling system is probably the hardest to sustain and achieve, Nepal's democracy has an adventurous history of being established, snatched, and reestablished. During the 1940s, the people and civil society of Nepal launched a movement against the autocratic family regime of Ranas and established democracy in 1951's. The historic day of "Falgun 7" is now nationally commemorated as National democracy day which is today. This was an unprecedented historical achievement in Nepali political history which was again snatched by the monarch in 1961's.

    The partyless panchayat system imposed by monarchs remained for 30 years when all parties were banned and the fundamental democratic rights of citizens were seized. Finally, democracy was restored through various movements and mass protests in 1990, and the monarchy was kept under the constitution. In the meantime, Maoists commenced people's revolution to combat the imperialist forces and establish an inclusive system, with the combined movement of other political forces and Maoists, a campaign was initiated against the autocratic steps of the monarch. This mass movement successfully abolished the monarchy and established the Republic of Nepal (The comprehensive peace accord 2006). Nepal has several painful memories and glorious twists in its path of democracy, today is a national day in remembering those incidents and assimilating the lessons. The term "New Nepal" refers to a new democratic system of Nepal, a newer Federal Republic Nepal of this century translates a glorious example of democracy and peace to this world.

     Respect and honor to the heroes of democracy, may the power of people become stronger and intact. Today is also the day to analyze how much our government can acknowledge and assimilate the dream and efforts of people's movements and martyrs. Let's remember Janaandolans, freedom fighters, the struggle to dethrone Ranas and monarchs, and also raise our voices against any form of undemocratic practices and institutional corruption happing in current times. Even today the institutional corruption and access to opportunities and justice are not equal, democracy cannot sustain when justice is delayed. May the triangular flag always show up firmly from the top of Everest, may the sun (Surya) and moon (Chandra) always bless Nepal.

    Nirwachan diwas: Nepali election day
    To understand the periphery of Election Day in Nepal, I would like to take you here 53 years before today, the year 2015 BS. It was 8 years since the advent of democracy in 2015 BS and on this day Nepali have experienced the first election. The Election commission has started celebrating Election Day on Falgun 7, 2073 BS, commemorating the day when the general election started on Falgun 7, 2015 and adult Nepali were able to exercise their voting right.

    2078 BS is the sixth edition of Election Day.

    The first question for all of us today is, is your name listed on the voters' list?
    To become an adult voter, it is necessary to write one's name on the voters' list. This day will always convey the message that voting is not only our right but also our duty.
    Article 245, Part 24 of the Constitution of Nepal provides for the Election Commission as a constitutional body. The commission has a constitutional provision of having a Chief Election Commissioner and four other commissioners. Various programs related to Election Day are organized today under the leadership of the Election Commission.
    The Election Day of the year 2078 will also indicate that local, federal, and provincial elections at all levels will be held soon in the coming years. Elections are the backbone of democracy.

    Meaningful wishes on this day.

    Suyog Dhakal

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