Kojagrat Vrata/Poornima Vrata/Kartik snan aarambha/Aakashdeep dan Aarambha/World Post Day | कोजाग्रत व्रत/पूर्णिमा व्रत/कार्तिक स्नान आरम्भ/आकाशदीप दान आरम्भ/विश्व हुलाक दिवस | 2079 Ashwin 23 | Hamro Patro

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Sep/Oct 2022
2079 Ashwin
Oct 09, 2022

Kojagrat Vrata/Poornima Vrata/Kartik snan aarambha/Aakashdeep dan Aarambha/World Post Day
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Kojagrat Vrata/Poornima Vrata/Kartik snan aarambha/Aakashdeep dan Aarambha/World Post Day


From today, Dashain has officially come to an end. The 15 days from Dashain Pratipada to today's full moon is also called Durgapaksha. Today, on the Kojagrat full moon, the full moon will rise in the sky at night and the auspicious lights (Mahadeep Jyoti) will be lit at night in the temples including Swayambhu in Kathmandu. Kojagrat Purnima is also the day of Pratipada, the day when the soil deposited in Ghatsthapana and the collected jamaras are duly disposed of in a river or reservoir.

There is another significance of this day, the day that Goddess Lakshmi comes to visit the earth at night, and those who do not sleep at night and worship and chant Lord Laxmi's bhajan are believed to be blessed by Dhanadhanya Goddess.

After the Kojagrat Purnima, it is customary to cut a bamboo and make a small house of colored paper on its top and light a skylight inside it every evening till the day of Kartik Shukla Purnima.

In the Tarai, it is customary to play Kauda today. Kauda is like a kind of gambling. Small pieces of Kauda are thrown into the playing arena (Khaal) by hand and money is wagered depending on the possibility of turning them over and re-turning them.

It is getting cold at night along with the cold. Don't underestimate the growing cold, especially in the case of children and the elderly. Stay safe from COVID infection and let's wait for colorful Tihar now.

Poornima Vrata

The last day of Shukla Paksha is the full moon day. Today is the Kartik Poornima, a poornima which officially concludes the convoy of festivals. On this tithi, the moon is the brightest and magnificent. It is believed that fasting on this day brings immense lunar grace to health, prosperity, and peace. On the full moon day, Lord Shiva and Vishnu are especially worshiped. Special worship to Lord Vishnu is done in the form of Satya Narayan Puja. Satya Narayan Puja is usually performed whenever possible, although the fruits of this puja performed on the day of the full moon are very abundant.

From a scientific point of view, it is said that gravity will have a great effect on the earth on the day of the full moon and self-purification will be done by fasting on this day and remembering the name of God. By fasting on this day, the metabolic process will be strengthened, gastric problems will be solved and positive energy will increase in the body.

This day is fasted from sunrise in the morning to moonrise in the evening. Some people observe this fast without drinking water, while others observe this fast by eating only one meal and eating no salt (alino) food. In the evening, after the moonrise, the fast ends with the sighting of the moon.

Kartik Snan Aarambha / Aakashdeep dan Aarambha
The Kartik Snan is starting from today. On the day of Ashwin Shukla Purnima, after worshiping Mahalaxmi and staying awake (Jagram) during the night, Bada Dashain formally ends.

The Durga Paksha, which started with Ashwin Shukla Pratipada, has officially ended today. There is a religious belief that Mother Lakshmi enters the house with wealth and auspiciousness if we stay awake in the evening by lighting lamps in the house.

This adoration is performed exactly 15 days before Lakshmi Puja. It is customary to wrap a long bamboo lingo with paper on its tip and light a lamp there. These lamps are lit in the dedication of Shri Hari.

In this way the lights are placed in the courtyard of every house facing the sky, thus the convoy of the lights raised towards the stars seems to have colored the whole village in the milky light. These lanterns are called sky lanterns or Akashe Deep. Today is the first day when the lanterns are lit, Akashe Deep is lit from today. This full moon is also called Kaumudi Purnima.

Tulsi Puja, which is performed from Ashwin Shukla Purnima to Kartik Shukla Purnima by bathing and performing rituals at home, has also started from today. Thus, with the beginning of Kartik Snan, it is believed that Tulsi should be worshiped every day before sunrise.

World Post day

The theme of this year’s World Post Day 2022 is “Post for the planet”

Some things in this world are very classic and the importance of such things is always unalterable according to those traditions. The post office is just like that, sending letters, exchanging feelings and news, brightening the letterbox, interest in correspondence, photos and stickers and postcards are just as cute today as they were centuries ago.

World Postal Day is celebrated on October 9 every year. World Postal Day was celebrated in 1969 to commemorate the formation of the International Postal Union in Tokyo, Japan in 1874, two hundred years ago.

The format of communication began with the postal service. Family members who went to the Muglans (Foreign work) or the city used the post office to communicate with them. Many postmen have spent their lives delivering letters and news, and today is a day to remember them. Postmen were given special attention when they stayed in the village at night and they were the ones who were the radio, TV, the internet of that time. To deliver the letter at night, the postmen used to walk in the village with the letter bag, so they had to stay overnight.

In the absence of comfortable hotels like now, the postmen were settled in Nepal with the first acceptance. People used to make maximum use of literacy while reading letters and doing calculations. The components of a slow society have changed into a rapidly running one but the structure is the same.

You don't have to ask, "My postman, my letter has arrived," but we all wake up in the morning and look at emails and messengers on the Internet. The letter and the message are the same, only the carrier and the dynamics have changed. Many of us have written letters on various subjects as per the questions asked in the practice of writing letters on linguistic subjects, right?

But this generation will never forget the picture and fascination of the post office. Even school children have learned to write letters to their grandparents, mothers, or friends during the practice of writing at school. Happy World Postal Day to all, we need to keep this service of history alive and pass it on to future generations, why not?

 Suyog Dhakal

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