International Day of Older Persons | अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय ज्येष्ठ नागरिक दिवस | 2079 Ashwin 15 | Hamro Patro

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Sep/Oct 2022
2079 Ashwin
Oct 01, 2022

International Day of Older Persons
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International Day of Older Persons | World Smile day | Dashami Shradhha

यी छोराछोरी बढ्लान कमाई गर्लान
 दुधभात देलान मलाई

 As these kids grow up, they will feed me good foods, they will earn and keep me happy, starting today with this vernacular from Nepali society.

 The desires and expectations of aging parents towards their children are usually like this. In our society, a father who returns home tired from work in the evening carries a small thin plastic bag in his hand but ensures it has some things for the children waiting back home. Every mother and father in the world wants to see their children happy, aspiring, and still laughing. Most of us have been raised by our parents, giving them life and education to the best of their ability. No matter what parents and guardians say, we are a part of their dreams. With time, the strength of the father's arm decreases, the mother's body becomes weaker as the cycle of life, old age begins.

With age, the dependence on others, the hardships of life, and the desire for love and affection increases, the practice of sending parents to the old age home in Nepal has increased in recent years

Remember, the love and harmony that we show to the earlier generation determine the love and harmony that the next generation will give us.

As you grow older, your loneliness grows, and you are deceived by the lack of your best friends and the flow of old memories. This condition is the most sensitive in human life.

 Let's provide open opportunities for senior citizens to speak, express, and share experiences in the open doors and pavilions of society. Everyone has paid their dues here, we too will one day be senior citizens, let's build a senior citizen-friendly society from now on.

With this in mind, the world community celebrates World Senior Citizens Day on October 1 every year.
The theme of the 2021 commemoration of International Older Persons Day is “Digital Equity for All Ages.”
Digitalization has revolutionized our living criteria. Older persons are far behind in the usage of these modern digital technologies. The UN theme of this special day sparks light on the issue of older persons that they are not fully beneficiaries of these technologies. It is time to train them about the usage of mobile phones, the internet, and computer according to their needs, hobbies, and interests. Policymakers should also keep in mind the threats about these technologies to older persons to keep them healthy and safe.

Meaningful wishes

World Smile day

Do you have something in us that can easily attract others? This thing reflects our attitude and our personality. Don't think too much, this thing is our smile, our sweet smile free from any formality and compulsion. A smile is a feeling that comes out of our mind which makes the people around us happy and attracts everyone to us.

 Since a smile is important for everyone, Smile Day is celebrated around the world on the first Friday of October every year to reflect on the importance of a smile.

 Harvey Ball, a Worcester-based artist, brought a smile to his face during his performance in 1963, and people's attention was drawn to the importance of smiles. Since then, the day has been formally celebrated since 1999.

 Since the death of Harvey Ball in 2001, the "World Harvey Ball Smile Foundation", founded in his memory, has been organizing Smile Day special events in many places today. The foundation's slogan is "Improve the world with a smile."

 In today's world of competition, many people work so hard to get ahead in life that they even forget to give a sweet smile. But one of the most important things in life is to smile and teach and encourage others to smile. Smiling people easily stay in everyone's mind.
 Corona and terror also have an easy and simple remedy, which is smile and positive thinking, let's swear to fight the overall challenges of the world with the jewel of the smile. The theme of this day for the year 2021 is "Do an act of kindness, help one person smile", this year focuses more on the collective action of smile and make others smile.

 Happy World Smile Day to all. Always smile, be happy!

Dashami Shradhha

With the commencement of the Sorha Saddha may all the godlike Pitri in the Pitri realm between heaven and earth obtain salvation, may all the Pitri cross the Baitarni River, and may the ancestral love be maintained. Things like fasting, pilgrimage, shraddha, mela, etc., which have been made very risky by the risk of corona infection for the last two years, things are getting a little looser this year.

May the blessings of the ancestors be maintained, may goodness and good wishes are maintained, and we are the remnants of the ancestors in today's form, aren't we?

Tarpan, Diyo Puja, Vishwedeva Brahman, and other pujas can be performed before the appointed time. There is a belief that if the Pinda is not donated at this time, the Pitris will not get it. Sanatana Philosophy largely acknowledges the importance of Pitri in the existence of life and the universe.

In Vedic Sanatan Sanskrit, Pitrikarma i.e. shraddha is usually performed twice, regular shraddha is performed on the tithi of death and another shraddha is performed during the period of Sorha shraddhas. May peace and happiness prevail in every family with the commencement of this year's Sorha Shraddha Wishing for the salvation of the Pitri who passed away on the Dashami Shraddha date.

 Suyog Dhakal

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