Suryasasthi/Gaura Saptami | सुर्यषष्ठी/गौरा सप्तमी | 2079 Bhadra 17 | Hamro Patro

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Aug/Sep 2022
2079 Bhadra
Sep 02, 2022

Suryasasthi/Gaura Saptami
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Suryasasthi/Gaura Saptami

What is Surya sasthi?
It is customary to fast on Sasthi Tithi from the Sukla Paksha of the month of Bhadra and commemorate this day in the name of the Sun God. This date is called Surya Shashthi. The Sun is the most powerful, bright, and vast thing that human beings can see from the earth and humans have ever seen from their planet.

What people do today?
Nothing is possible in this world without the sun. It is the custom of the devotees to chant the Gayatri mantra and fast this morning at the behest of the creator of every creation. It is said that if one fast on this day, one will obtain wealth, children, prosperity, and boons equivalent to Ashwamegh Yajna.
It is also said in the verses of Bhavishyapurana quoted in the Kalparutagrantha that on the day of Bhadrashukla Shashthi, one who sees Lord Skandha enthroned in Dakshinapadha is freed from sins like Brahmahatya, etc.

Early morning devotees go to nearby rivers or lakes and take a dip, organize worship on the water bank and acknowledge the presence of the sun on the planet.

It is necessary to chant the Surya Mantra, chant this powerful mantra 108 times, absorb the energy of the mantra, and express the influence of the Sun in asceticism.

Surya mantra
“ऊँ घृणि सूर्याय नमः“
 “ऊँ सूर्याय नमः“

Without the rays of the sun, there would be no living things in the world. The sun is the source of power and light in living beings. Sun worship keeps the body healthy.

Gaura Saptami
Saptami falls one day before Ashtami, the main festival day of the Gaura festival which runs from Putrada Ekadashi to Gaura Ashtami.

What is done on Gaura Saptami?
Women wear a "Saptanne" rope (a rope made by tying seven knots on a single thread) on their waist. The method of the old vratalu (Fast observer) and the new vratalu (First observer) is different, the new vratalu or the one who ties the rope (double thread) must take a paddy plant from the field and places it inside the worship house during the night to install the idol of Gaura Devi. And the Brahmin worships Purvanga and anoints the statue of Gaura (double thread).

In addition to this, preparations for Gaura Ashtami ie ​​the main Gaura festival are also going on with great fanfare. We will bring all the information about the Gaura festival in a special article tomorrow, don't miss it.

Suyog Dhakal

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