Maha astami/International Day for Disaster Reduction | महाअष्टमी/विश्व प्राकृतिक प्रकोप नियन्त्रण दिवस | 2078 Ashwin 27 | Hamro Patro

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Sep/Oct 2021
2078 Ashwin
Oct 13, 2021

Maha astami/International Day for Disaster Reduction
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Have you been engrossed in lingering (Traditional Nepali swing) and family reunions for a Dashain amidst the blue clear skies and sweetness of the Dashain context?

Crowds at Naurtha's fair and Durga Bhavani's Shakti Peeths, some may be in a hurry to buy sweets, some may be in a hurry to buy meat? Some people may have a desire to play cards, while others may have a desire to meet friends, let's keep the desires alive this year and execute them in the coming years. Anyway, good luck on the eighth day of Dashain of this year.

Today, on Maha-Ashtami, the eighth day of Navratri, the nine forms of Goddess Durga - Shailaputri, Bramhacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandamata, Katyayani, Kalratri, Mahagauri, and Siddhidatri - are worshiped.

Today, the eighth form of Durga is worshiped according to the rules and regulations of Mahagauri. Nine small stones are worshiped next to the urn established as Ganesha by offering offerings, fruits, etc. to the installed idols of the goddess.

The urns and Jamara established according to the Vedic tradition on Ghatsthapana is worship today. Today, at midnight, at the beginning of Navami, special worship of the goddess is performed. The worship of weapons and equipment of the Nepal Army and Police is also done according to the rules and regulations and traditions. Today, the special worship of Bhadrakali is also performed. Sati Devi burns herself in the fire pit as she cannot hear the condemnation of her husband Mahadev from the mouth of her father Daksha Prajapati. At the same time, knowing this, Bhadrakali appeared as Mahakali on the same day.

After performing the rituals of Mahagauri and Bhadrakali in the form of Shakti, it is customary to offer goats, chickens, ducks, etc. as an offering.

There has been a widespread protest against the practice, with animal rights groups and the international civil society condemning the practice. Non-violence is certainly a good thing, but along with civilization, people have defined the practice and logic of eating meat in their way.

Whether it's the Hindus' Dashain, or the Christians' Christmas and Thanksgiving turkey birds, or the Muslims' Eid-ul-Fitr goats, we've come to see that human civilization has brought carnivorous customs along with some religions and cultures. It has been found that there has been a decrease in the number of offerings. Especially in Dashain, the custom of cutting the goat and feeding meat to the guests was seen as respect and prestige.

In Sanskrit, Vali means to give up anything. Today, we too can make a vow to become good human beings by sacrificing our anger, passion, jealousy, and pride. Happy Maha Ashtami to all.

International day for disaster reduction.
Today there is a flood in such and such a place!
The landslide hit this place today!
The earthquake took so many people!
The volcano did this and so much other news related to natural disasters hit headlines year-round.

News of natural disasters has taken on a new dimension this year, if the corona infection is also considered a natural disaster and a biological threat to mankind, with millions dying and billions infected. International day for disaster reduction, 2021 will be special advocacy to deal with many natural disasters in solidarity.

Every corner of the globe and the entire geography is at risk of various natural disasters. Moreover, human activities, unselective use of natural resources, climate change, etc. have increased the risk of natural disasters.

Every year, the world community celebrates October 13 as World Natural Disaster Control Day. This day is very important for spreading awareness through various programs, conventions, seminars, etc., and for minimizing the damage. However, meetings and seminars on this day for this year are entirely going digital, from one's home and screens. We can't control natural disasters, we can only minimize the damage by taking precautions and preparedness, can't we? The day was started by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1989 to increase the preparedness and awareness against natural disasters and even today, various media outlets around the world are spreading effective knowledge, skills, and ideas on this subject.

2021 International Day for disaster risk reduction Theme: International cooperation for developing countries to reduce their disaster risk and disaster losses.

At the same time, the United Nations has a plan to raise awareness in the community, the nation, and the region, to increase access to preparedness, and to make special calls for the protection of victims. Nepal, which is known to the world community for its diverse terrain, climate, and water resources, has also faced many natural calamities from time to time, be it occasional earthquakes or this year's severe floods, landslides, geographically diverse and complex Nepal. The sad thing is that Nepali has inadequate disaster control skills and information, which can lead to additional losses and risks. We have already seen that the earthquake has raised serious questions about access to mainstream drinking water, health facilities, and basic things, even in the capital Kathmandu

That condition of the capital easily describes the situation of relatively remote villages. It is even more unfortunate that the Nepali academic curriculum still lacks experimental practices and practical topics for natural disaster control. Even more impractical developmental knowledge, such as the knowledge that staying under a table or inside a house during an earthquake, is the exact opposite of putting one's life in danger and one's life at risk of death. Nepal needs comprehensive and community-friendly disaster risk preparedness messages and practices. If there is a natural disaster on Nepali soil, there is still no minimum preparedness.

It is also unfortunate that a handful of natural disaster control and awareness programs are largely in the hands of NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations). Probably a factor as to why progress is happening so poorly. Equal participation of both government and non-government is essential in such sensitive issues. Today, it is important for Nepal to understand and embrace all these things with the world community. Let's build natural disaster prevention and resilience structures, let's make the next generation aware of its preparedness.

Suyog Dhakal

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