Indira Ekadashi Wrata/Ekadashi Shraddha/Magha shraddha/World Mental Health Day | इन्दिरा एकादशी व्रत/एकादशी श्राद्ध/ मघा श्राद्ध/विश्व मानसिक स्वास्थ्य दिवस | 2080 Ashwin 23 | Hamro Patro

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    Sep/Oct 2023
    2080 Ashwin
    Oct 10, 2023
    असोज कृष्ण एकादशी
    Indira Ekadashi Wrata/Ekadashi Shraddha/Magha shraddha/World Mental Health Day
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    Indira Ekadashi Wrata/Ekadashi Shraddha/Magha shraddha/World Mental Health Day

    The eleventh day of the calendar is called Ekadashi. After the full moon and after the new moon, Ekadashi comes twice a month. The Ekadashi after the full moon is called Krishna Paksha Ekadashi and the Ekadashi after Aunsi is called Shukla Paksha Ekadashi. The Ekadashi of Asoj Krishnapaksha is called Indira Ekadashi and welcome to the Indira Ekadashi for this year.

    On the day of Indira Ekadashi, it is customary to worship Vishnurupa Shaligram and make the Shaligram bath in the holy Panchamrit. Taking the vrat of Indira Ekadashi is believed to destroy all sins. According to Hindu tradition, Indira Ekadashi is an Ekadashi within Sohrashraddha, so all the ancestors attend salvation when one observes the brat. Listening to the story of Indira Ekadashi result supreme divine outcome. According to the mythology, in the Satyayuga, there was a kingdom of a majestic king named Indrasen in the city of Mahishmati. These royals, including their sons and daughters, were full of wealth and were undefeated with their enemies. One day, while the Rajya Sabha of King Indrasen was going on, Maharshi Narad Rishi arrives. When Narad said that he had met Indrasen's father in Yamaraj's Rajya Sabha one day when he reached Yamalok and brought his message, the glorious King Indrasen was amazed at how his father, full of religion, knowledge, and charity, reached Yamalok instead of Swargalok. Narad explained in detail. According to Narad, Indrasen's father was unable to fulfill the patriarchal Indira Ekadashi brat and got left it in the middle towards his attainment of salvation and integration with the supreme entity. After the sage Narad told him so much, King Indrasen observed the fast of Ashwin Krishnapaksha's Indira Ekadashi, this helped his father's soul in its pursuit of salvation.

    In some communities, on this Ekadashi day, they worship Lord Vishnu with incense lamps and feed cows with fruits. It is believed that one should not sleep on the day of Indira Ekadashi. That is why people spend their days after Ekadashi vrat by chanting hymns.

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    As this Ekadashi is largely related to Pitri udhhar, the shraddha karma of the deceased on this Ekadashi tithi is performed today. May they all find their way to the integration with the supreme entity.

    Magha shraddha

    Trayodashi Shraddha is also called Magha Shraddha. This day is also called Magha Triodashi as the Magha constellation falls on this day in the afternoon. The shraddha of the Triodashi date of the Pitri Paksha, which lasts from the full moon to the new moon of Bhadrapada, is looked at specially. The star of Magha is considered to be the star inhabited by the ancestors.

    Pitru Paksha or Mahalaya Shraddha is also called Parvan Shraddha, performing these shraddha deeds at Kutup and Rohini moments is considered to be very fruitful. Triodashi Shraddha is also called Kakavali or Valbholani Teras. It is considered very fruitful to pay homage to the children who died prematurely on this date, wishing salvation to Pitris who died on this date.

    World Mental Health Day

    A child has been laughing at small things since morning, loud, bright and to its fullest. Laughing at the leaves that fall from the trees or the drops of water that flow from the edge of the roof. As gradually a child grows up, her childhood and the virtue of that childhood and smiles disappear from her life, she now searches for a reason to laugh. Do we need a reason to smile? Are smiles just a transaction we make by some tangible events or things? I mean, what's the value of a smile if we need reasons to smile at? Smiling without reason is the fundament of a child, may the child sustains within everyone.

    I get back to the laughing evolution of the child, as she is growing now at school she is becoming a stressed student in the economics of laughter. School and college work, work stress, the depth of the relationship and so many other factors are absorbing her laughter and smiles. Most of the working and student moments of our adult lives are spent in work and running, trust me, we are forgetting to smile and the problem underlies here.

    Life may not be the same for everyone, whether they are young or old. Life is full of hope amidst stress, limitations, comparisons, restraint, and inferiority complex.

    It is important to understand that life is not just a matter of consumerism and achievement, it is also a matter of creating a garland of absolute breaths amid emptiness.

    The mind that forgot to laugh at sunrise nowadays needs adequate bank balance or a good phone or other physical components to laugh, why is laughing and smiling so expensive?

    A group of people who have defined victory as the way to get ahead of others has created a perimeter of confusion amid an unhealthy competition and this is the beginning of a stressful life.

    Billions of people, like such representative children, have been living their days and years amid melancholy and stress. Suicide, murder, drug abuse, accidents, and many other effects are heard daily in our neighborhood. Every year since 1992, World Mental Health Day has been celebrated in more than 150 countries with various programs to address these mental health issues and the challenges posed by the environment. This day raises awareness about mental health issues, problems, and therapeutic and preventive methods in the world. The mainstays of mental health are human emotional support and emotional first aid.

    Just as people in an accident need physical first aid, those in an emotional and emotional trauma need immediate first aid in the right way. With increasing modernity, changing lifestyles, and growing human ambitions, people are facing increasing problems such as chronic depression, mental imbalance, and suicide.

    Life is precious and it is foolish to compare important things like wealth and gold, are we not forgetting to live somewhere in the race to earn and save? Being happy and thinking positive is a great thing, let's not forget to smile and share smiles.

    Remember, every year around 300 million people in the world suffer from depression, the basis of living a life of happiness and contentment is the first step to mental health. We certainly don't want to be on the same list of 300 million, trying to do our best in life is an achievement.

    The result is a product of effort. We need to stop chasing the shadows and pursue the true value of life. May everyone have the courage to enjoy these limited days of life which are decreasing day by day.

    As many as 1 billion people worldwide are struggling with mental health problems, with over 3 million people dying each year from alcohol abuse alone. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that one person commits suicide every 40 seconds in one corner of the globe. The COVID 19 epidemic has created more mental problems and negative and pessimistic thoughts in people around the world. This year's Mental Health Day is very important. Business may be hard or it may be difficult to survive, maybe we are jobless, but after every black cloud, there is a silver lining. We got to live for that lining which shall stimulate our growth and smiles.

    It is our responsibility to take special care of those with mental problems and to take the initiative for a healthy and normal life.

    Suyog Dhakal

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