Chaturthi Shraddha/World Non Violence Day | चतुर्थी श्राद्ध/विश्व अहिंसा दिवस | 2080 Ashwin 15 | Hamro Patro

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    Sep/Oct 2023
    2080 Ashwin
    Oct 02, 2023
    असोज कृष्ण तृतिया
    Chaturthi Shraddha/World Non Violence Day
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    World Non Violence Day | Chaturthi Shraddha

    World Non-violence day

    October 2, the World Day of Non-Violence, is also the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, the world leader for non-violence in the world. His 'Salt Movement' and 'Charkha Movement' are strong examples of effective non-violent movement for change. The role of non-violence in social justice is incomparable, the world community today stands united against violence as one voice.

    World-famous art of non-violence
    In front of the United Nations headquarters in New York, a work by artist Carl Frederick Ruteshward, a work of art with the barrel of a gun twisted and shot as if it had been caught and stopped by someone under a gun, is known as the world-famous art of non-violence.

    Only a fearless and intrepid generation that can share food and roof can advocate non-violence. The vision of a non-violent society is possible only when we can teach our children the importance of non-violence.

    Come on, are you in a developed country or an underdeveloped place, chewing corn and soybeans or eating in an expensive restaurant? Imagine what our society would be like if there were no violent actions and emotions around us.

    2023 theme
    In 2023, the United Nations' theme for International Day of Peace is Actions for Peace: Our Ambition for the #GlobalGoals.

    Ahimsa Paramo Dharam, non- violence is the best religion.

    What if the streets of Syria and Afghanistan were reopened with non-violence, forgiveness, and the peace of equality? What if the world does not allow violence based on color, nationality, religion, language, love, and many other things? Martin Luther King, Jr., the American Freedom Fighter, also imagined that blacks, whites, and browns would all sit at the same table and eat, laugh, and celebrate equality.

    Whether it is the Gita or the Koran, the Bible, or the Tripitaka or any other religious scripture, it is mentioned that violence does no good to anyone. Now is the time to walk on the path of smile, 'Ahimsa Paramo Dharam' i.e. non-violence is the greatest religion, don't stop smiling, and get rid of violent feelings from your mind. Don't be afraid to speak out against violence.

    Sorha Shradhha: Chaturdashi Shradhha

    Pitri Gayatri Mantra:
    देवताभ्यः पितृभ्यश्च महायोगिभ्यः एव च। नमः स्वाहायै स्वधायै नित्यमेव नमोनमः।।

    It means salutations to the gods, pitras, great yogis, svaha and svadha all the time.

    Pitri, Baitarni and Salvation
    With the commencement of the Sorha Saddha may all the godlike Pitri in the Pitri realm between heaven and earth obtain salvation, may all the Pitri cross the Baitarni River, and may the ancestral love be maintained.

    May the blessings of the ancestors be maintained, May goodness and good wishes are maintained, and we are the remnants of the ancestors in today's form, aren't we?

    Tarpan, Diyo Puja, Vishwedeva Brahman, and other pujas can be performed before the appointed time. There is a belief that if the Pinda is not donated at this time, the Pitris will not get it. Sanatana Philosophy largely acknowledges the importance of Pitri in the existence of life and the universe.

    In Vedic Sanatan Sanskrit, Pitrikarma i.e. shraddha is usually performed twice, regular shraddha is performed on the tithi of death and another shraddha is performed during the period of Sorha shraddhas. May peace and happiness prevail in every family with the commencement of this year's Sorha Shraddha Wishing for the salvation of the Pitri who passed away on the Chaturthi Shraddha date.

    - Suyog Dhakal

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