Nepal Astrology Establish Day | नेपाल ज्योतिष परिषद स्थापना दिवस | 2079 Paush 24 | Hamro Patro

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Dec/Jan 2023
2079 Paush
Jan 08, 2023

Nepal Astrology Establish Day
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Establishment of Nepal Jyotish Parisad, Nepal Astrology council

The Poush is the month with the shortest days in the year. But this month beholds several important days and remarkable events from history.

 It is customary to celebrate the 24th of Poush every year on these commemorations and special days as the establishment day of the Nepal Astrological Council. Although astrology is not only associated with astronomy as a study of celestial bodies, astrology is comprehensively considered as a relative study of the human condition of both the sky and the earth.

Astrology is the study of the relative effects of the movements of the planets based on the time and place of human birth, but in general, where was astrology limited to this? The West has also interpreted astrology as metaphysical, but in Eastern philosophy,, it is the cosmos, the study of the universe, and the study of planets, constellations, and their effects upon us.

Astrology is considered to be the earliest form of science and today the glory and importance of this science resonates all over the world.

Astrology has a lot of influence and role in Nepali people. Every activity, good deed, and step of Nepali society and style is based on Sait, Shubhadin, and astrological comments. Strengthening this belief of Nepali towards astrology, the most loved mobile application of Nepali, Hamro Patro has also brought Hamro Jyotish facility.

By consulting the astrologer of your preference through video call, you will be able to understand all the aspects of your life including your deeds, fruits, good and bad. It is our goal and will continue to do so by further developing the most ancient science and technology through Hamro Patro.

With few books in hand and a tika of sandalwood on their foreheads, no one can be an astrologer. All the self-proclaimed souls as astrologers or fortune-tellers who are just sitting in the street must understand that astrology is a study and sacrifice of decades. Sacrifice and penance are required to be an astrologer. This stream of science has been taught for centuries in various Bidhapeeths and Bidha Ashrams all over Nepal.

 Karma is the center of every religion, scripture, and philosophy. Let's not shy away from doing deeds and not anticipate self-centered outcomes, as the Gita says. Einstein also said that every energy in the world is never wasted. Let everyone have the energy to move forward and let us all find our field of work and behavioral aspects.

 In which zodiac sign or constellation or time were you born? Do you have any race, religion, or gender? You are the only one in the whole universe, you are special and exclusive.
Have a nice day

Suyog Dhakal

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