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    Nov/Dec 2022
    2079 Mangsir
    Dec 01, 2022
    मंसिर शुक्ल अष्टमी
    World AIDS Day
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    World Aids day

    The inequalities which perpetuate the AIDS pandemic are not inevitable; we can tackle them. This World AIDS Day, 1 December, UNAIDS is urging each of us to address the inequalities which are holding back progress in ending AIDS.

    The “Equalize” slogan is a call to action. It is a prompt for all of us to work for the proven practical actions needed to address inequalities and help end AIDS.

    The ambition to reduce 90 per cent of new HIV infections, and treat and reduce 90 per cent of discrimination by 2030 is undergoing. Today, we would like to commemorate the HIV-positive and affected people living in remote villages of Nepal and with limited access to health facilities.

    World AIDS Day first calls on us to speak openly about sexual and reproductive health and rights, carrying various banners, signs, and promotional materials with red ribbons and organizing various rallies, gatherings, and seminars to spread awareness about HIV / AIDS.

    HIV and AIDS
    HIV and AIDS are two different things, HIV is a virus that causes AIDS. HIV is now considered more of an infection than a disease worldwide.

    Not every HIV-infected person has AIDS. Today, HIV-positive people are getting the same comfortable and long life as others by adopting regular use of medicine and undergoing a healthy lifestyle. Their medicines are freely available in various government health institutions of the Nepal government.

    Today, on World AIDS Day, lamps are lit for the eternal peace of the souls of all those infected with HIV. Until a decade ago, HIV was an epidemic in Nepal, an epidemic is an infection that can happen to anyone.

    Concentrated Epidemic of Nepal
    Due to the increasing support and investment of governmental and non-governmental organizations, the knowledge and public awareness of HIV among Nepalis is increasing and today HIV has become a concentrated epidemic. Now the prevalence of HIV is concentrated within a certain risk group population. The Government of Nepal has set up a National AIDS and STD Control Center in Teku Kathmandu to deal with issues related to HIV and its multifaceted impact, especially on HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

    Data from UNAIDS on the global HIV response reveals that during the last two years of COVID-19 and other global crises, progress against the HIV pandemic has faltered, resources have shrunk, and millions of lives are at risk as a result.

    Four decades into the HIV response, inequalities persist for the most basic services like testing, treatment, and condoms, and even more so for new technologies.
    The world needs more effort to fight HIV and AIDS.
    Stay safe everyone

    Suyog Dhakal

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