Kamada Ekadashi Wrata/World Autism Awareness Day/SEE 2079-Compulsory Maths | कामदा एकादशी व्रत/विश्व अटिजम जागरुकता दिवस/SEE २०७९-अनिवार्य गणित | 2079 Chaitra 19 | Hamro Patro

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Mar/Apr 2023
2079 Chaitra
Apr 02, 2023

Kamada Ekadashi Wrata/World Autism Awareness Day/SEE 2079-Compulsory Maths
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Kamada Ekadashi, which grants every desire.

Ekadashi, which dates to the Chaitra Shukla Ekadashi (11th day of the waxing moon), is called Kamada Ekadashi. On this day, it is a religious belief to get fruits according to the wishes of purely devout people.

Kamada means something that grants all desires, Kamada Ekadashi is believed to grant the desires and wishes of those who observe this auspicious Ekadashi. The brief study of this Ekadashi mahatma depicts that the significance of this Ekadashi is derived from an ancient incident that happened in a village named "Ratnapura". One day Yudhisthira asks Krishna to narrate the story behind Kamada Ekadashi, Krishna tells the ancient incident of Ratnapura where King Pundarik ruled from a golden palace. Ratnapura was also a village where king descendants of the serpent kingdom lived, these serpents and several other beautiful Apsaras danced in King Pundarik's palace. Once when a dancer named "Lalit" couldn't perform up to the expectation because of his distraction due to his love affair with another dancer "Lalita", King cursed him to be a demon. Lalit's beloved was Lalita, she later observed this Kamada Ekadashi and freed her beloved from the curse, after that Kamada Ekadashi was widely observed and will always be observed till eternity.

Precisely, this was it about the Kamada Ekadashi, this year and its months on the final edge, finally, series of Ekadashi's for this year is concluded. See you again on a new year's commencing Ekadashi.

World Book and Copyright Day 2021: Share a story

Let there be light above, let there be an object in the middle, and let there be shadow, why not? The entire world makes copies or shadow scripts of paper and other objects, ideas, and words. In common parlance we say copy, or photocopy, or xerox, today is April 23rd World Book and Copyright Day, let's talk about the same context.

This is a global celebration to promote reading habits and inspire every author to create more books and content. Books are bridges of inter-generation communication, cross-culture, and a magical ladder between past and future, every year April 23rd is a celebration of Books and the copyright of creators.

Offices and study faculties are crowded with people. Now the crowds are maintaining social distance and appearing on the faces inside the masks. There is a crowd of people on the line going abroad, workers and many others. The ease of making photocopies of documents and copying them is increasing with the trend of stealing ideas and words. And this day also advocates for the right of creators and writers.

This is a symbolic day for world literature, this is a day when several prominent authors took their last breath, William Shakespeare, Miguel Cervantes, and Inca Garcilaso De La Ve Ga died on the day. Upon a conference of UNESCO on 1995 AD held in France, April 23rd was declared as a global day of Book and Copyright. This day advocates for creativity, diversity, and equal access to knowledge. The copy and photocopy culture is creating a huge tragedy on the author's side. Authors depict their society from their creation in their paper through their ink, from Valmiki to Veda Vyas, from Shakespeare to Wordsworth, from Gorkhi to Chekov everyone translated their ideas, society, and incidents in their papers, in their books which shall last for centuries and centuries to come.

Words and feelings are not for sale, these are public assets and a source of knowledge for generations to come. Let's increase our reading habits, Books are now transformed into e-books, audiobooks, and several digital forms but the importance of reading, assimilating, and contemplating contents into human minds is the same.

Celebrating World Book Day at home
This year’s World Book Day theme is ‘share a story. You can encourage your students to share a story with the people they live with. These could include getting grandparents or other family members to read stories over video chat; setting aside a family reading time when everyone at home all read their books or magazines; building a cozy reading den with cushions in a corner, or a sheet draped over chairs to make a tent; read a story or chapter and then act it out together.

Enjoy World Book Day 2021!

A gold wreath for the listener, a flower garland for the reader
Happy World of Copyright and Book Day

Suyog Dhakal

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