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Feb/Mar 2022
2078 Falgun
Feb 14, 2022

Valentine's Day
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Revolution and Romance have the same root, Happy Valentine's day 2022.

To the king and queen in our heart, this day especially for Miss Valentine, and her escort Mr. Valentine, the handsome companion of the beautiful. The world is based on love, love is the most superior feeling in human hearts, every eye and heart behold this gravity of feelings. Newton rediscovered the gravity but the gravitational feeling of loving and being loved has always been in the human heart since the evolution, each face's smiles and eyes are wet in love.

The anecdote and history of Patron St. Valentine are not new to many of us. It is a beautiful story and an example of love, a story of hope and inspiration, a fancy example of affection, and a story of devotion. Welcome to this annual commemoration of love and affection, happy Valentine's Day people, love you all.

During the 3rd century, a catholic priest St. Valentine lived in Rome. This is an interesting story that starts with Emperor Claudius stopping his soldiers to get married, as Rome was gradually converting into Christianity from Pagan. St. Valentine secretly started to marry these soldiers under Christian rituals. St. Valentine was imprisoned where he took care of all fellow prisoners and a blind daughter of the jailer, before being executed on 14th February of year 270, St. wrote a letter to the blind girl about the bottom "Your Valentine", this is how the Valentine day commenced and St Valentine remained immortal in our hearts.

Poet Chaucer from Middle age crafted his poems on St. Valentine's romantic love story, this was the beginning of courtly love/ marriage, the formal ritual of expressing love and admiration, mostly in secret.

The story of St. Valentine is a sign of courage for contemporary lovers, for me, I don't find much difference between romance and revolution. St. Valentine who is an idol of love and romance is also a rebel for the state of Claudius, be it romance or revolution dares to express and stand for it. Express your love without any fear or doubts, get a flower, grab a letter and sustain a smile on your face.

There are the greatest love stories, Muna Madan, Heer Ranjha, Romeo Juliet, and so on, we remember these stories because these characters behold love for each other. Either ask one or a hundred questions, Love is a single answer for a hundred questions, Love is a panacea for a hundred diseases, love makes you human and love sustains smiles forever.

Just remembering the past days on the first love letter and that desperateness for an answer, those text messages, sleepless nights, hide and seek of two pairs of eyes, and primarily about the race of the heartbeat that occurred when we met our loved ones.

Valentine's Day is not always a pleasure for everyone but I would say that life is a subject to be lived in installments. There are characters and faces with whom we lived, as I said there are installments so cherish the previous installment and move on to the next, sadness is not affordable, is it?

Almost every evergreen love stories are tragic in this world, love is probably not designed always to achieve and be together. Love is not a face or person, it's a feeling and a true lover must try preserving that feeling beyond any misery.

The world is wrapped in wrapping paper of gifts, chocolate, flowers, cards, and what not? Celebrate love, celebrate Valentine's Day and celebrate the true sense of being yourself. Have the courage to stand for love, let me repeat that romance and revolution have the same root. Express how much you love and remain true to that.

Timelessly romantic arrangements of floral hodge-podge are made for your love, increase the proximity of your hearts. Some of us are far from our loved ones but make sure you give us a call and express your way of love. Oh yes, don't you worry if your proposal gets rejected today because "No" in love means "Yes" in the future, do stick to that love. If you feel the love, You are alive and when you live the love, you are immortal.

Happy Valentine's Day

Suyog Dhakal

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