Nijamati Sewa Diwas/International Literacy Day/ World Physiotherapy Day | निजामती सेवा दिवस/अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय साक्षरता दिवस / विश्व फिजियोथेरापी दिवस | 2080 Bhadra 22 | Hamro Patro

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    Aug/Sep 2023
    2080 Bhadra
    Sep 08, 2023
    भदौ कृष्ण नवमी
    Nijamati Sewa Diwas/International Literacy Day/ World Physiotherapy Day
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    Nijamati Sewa Diwas/International Literacy Day/ World Physiotherapy Day


    This day literally translates to civil servant's day but much broader democratic meaning can be derived from placing in as civil service worker's day. This is a public holiday to be observed and reaffirm the commitment towards civil service by civil workers. The ideals and existence of the civil service are directly linked to the state and the role of the civil servants is incomparable as the state provides administration based on its presence and justice to its citizens. The ideals of the civil service and the behavior of other sectors in this area show public confidence in good governance and administration.

    Defined by Max weber
    The world-famous German sociologist and philosopher Max Weber, in his various books and ideas, described the bureaucracy as a very profound, sensitive, and ideal mechanism. In Nepal, Civil Service Day is celebrated every year on September 8 with various programs across the country. Administration is needed to run the country and today is the day of service rendered by a government-appointed administrator or so-called employee, Civil Service Day.

    Civil Service Act, Nepal
    In fact, the then Prime Minister Tank Prasad Acharya has started celebrating this day on Bhadra 22nd, 2013B.S, the day he brought the Civil Service Act. From 2062 B.S, Nepal started to annually organize and formally observe this day. On this day, the Ministry of General Administration organizes programs to reward the best civil employees, to honor the ex-employees, i.e. the retired ones, etc., and to encourage and motivate various civil service providers.

    This day reaffirms the commitment of civil employees towards the benefit of people and their nation and also emphasis on the fact that the state should also be able to provide living wages to the employees so that they do not have to resort to any means to fulfill their obligations.

    In the creation of a new Nepal, the ideals and morale of the civil servants should not be inflamed from anywhere. Many of us have a desire to work in the civil service in the future with Loksewa Books and curriculums in hand, and we must continue to have a strong desire to make the civil service more effective and clean tomorrow.

    This bureaucracy, which is mainly based on the taxes we have paid, should be people-oriented, there should be a clear demarcation between politics and the bureaucracy, and the vision of a transparent, service-oriented, and corruption-free administration should be fulfilled. May the transparency and agility of the civil service providers always be maintained, best wishes to all on this day.

    International Literacy Day 2023

    September 8, World Literacy Day. In 1965, UNESCO declared September 8 of each year as World Literacy Day. Schools, communities, and institutions around the world celebrate this day spontaneously in various ways to spread awareness for literacy.

    Literacy and human rights
    In the modern world, education and literacy are linked to basic human rights, but studies show that more than 770 million people around the world do not have basic literacy skills. It is easy to find some illiterate people of all ages living near us. It is a fundamental right of everyone to be able to read and write by recognizing common letters and numbers and general arithmetic. However, these things need to come out of the pages of paper and come true in real life.

    According to the Global Literacy Monitoring Report, one in five men and two-thirds of women in the world are still illiterate, and many more have extremely low literacy skills. Many children still do not go to school and even those who do get it do not go to school every day. Countries including West and South Asia still have low literacy rates.

    International Literacy Day 2023 Theme
    Every year, UNESCO selects a theme for International Literacy Day. This year, the theme is “'Promoting literacy for a world in transition: Building the foundation for sustainable and peaceful societies'.

    How can we make everyone literate is the question for today, whether it is by reading alphabet books or by giving them free daily reading or by creating a reading environment to take them to school, it is the responsibility of everyone to make a literate society, literate nation, and a literate world. ‘Siksha Dhan Sarvapradhanam’ ‘शिक्षा धनं सर्वप्रधानम"
    Meaning: Education is the supreme wealth.

    World Physical Therapy Day/ Physiotherapy day

    World Physical Therapy Day is on 8th September every year. The day is an opportunity for physiotherapists from all over the world to raise awareness about the crucial contribution the profession makes to keeping people well, mobile and independent.

    In 1813, Swiss gymnast Henrik Ligan opened the Royal Institute of Gymnastics. The organization was the first in the world to introduce massages, remedial exercises, and other exercises for mobility and pain relief.

    The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy was opened in Britain in 1894, and the first college of physiotherapy was at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, DC. A physiotherapy branch was started in this hospital during the First World War.

    History of physiotherapy in Nepal
    In Nepal, the history of physiotherapy can be traced back to a few decades ago when some private hospitals formally started this as a new medical system. In the 1980s, physiotherapy was practiced through military hospitals, leprosy prevention therapies, and some trained health workers from India. In 1983, the IOM formally recognized physiotherapy as a 30-month post-SLC course.

    In this process, we have a history of about 50 people being trained till 1990, but again in 1990, physiotherapy teaching was stopped in Nepal. However, there were various informal trainings and on-the-job trainings. Since 2002, Dhulikhel Medical Institute has formally started physiotherapy. Since then, the number of courses and service providers has been increasing in Nepal.

    After the armed conflict, after 2063 BS, physiotherapy was used extensively in military camps and hospitals for the rehabilitation and recuperation of wounded and injured soldiers. NEPTA is a professional association of Nepali physiotherapists. Physiotherapy is the backbone of treatment in itself, and today back and neck pain has become the most common and recurring pain due to a more hectic lifestyle and constant use of computers and mobiles, isn't it?

    Physiotherapy is essential in various procedures including amputation and after an accidental injury. We also want to combine yoga practice with physiotherapy here. Ayurveda has given equal priority to Aahar and Bihar. Yoga practices are the basis of sophisticated physiotherapy, Patanjali and Dhanwantari's books and studies discuss yogasanas to stay healthy.

    The theme for World Physical Therapy Day 2023 is arthritis”. The day highlights different forms of inflammatory arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis and axial spondyloarthritis.. A more comprehensive theme is the role of physiotherapists in their management and prevention. Other rheumatological disorders will be the focus in 2023.

    Suyog Dhakal

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