Dron Nawami/Sahid Diwas | द्रोण नवमी/शहीद दिवस | 2079 Magh 16 | Hamro Patro

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    Jan/Feb 2023
    2079 Magh
    Jan 30, 2023
    माघ शुक्ल नवमी
    Dron Nawami/Sahid Diwas
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    Sahid Diwas/Dron Nawami


    Did the sacrifices of the martyrs get justice when the reins of the regime brought from Narayanhiti to Singha Durbar reached the state and local level respectively? Disintegrated House of Representatives and invited regression, after all, democracy has become a chariot driven by selfishness. Or has Nepal yet to taste real democracy?

    Thanking the martyrs or apologizing to them?
    Definition of "Sahid" according to the dictionary of Nepal Pragya Pratisthan:

    This year's Martyr's Day has also come, let's talk in this periphery. According to the dictionary of Nepal Pragya Pratisthan, a martyr is an immortal person who sacrifices his life for the protection of his country, culture, and existence, and the attainment of freedom.

    Martyr's week/ Sahid Saptaha:
    In the changed perspective, Nepal is celebrated not only as Martyr's Day but also as Martyr's Week with various programs a week in advance. Martyrs Shukraraj Shastri, Dharmabhakta Mathema, Dasharath Chand Thakur, and Gangalal Shrestha were killed on the charge of advocating for democracy among the people, this week and day is a tribute to them.

    The sacrifices made by the martyrs for the freedom, equality, and sovereignty we are enjoying today are still being narrated by various trees and events including the Sukra tree of Teku, the Sifal tree.

    The first Sahid of Nepal:
    Lakhan Thapa is considered to be the first martyr of Nepal. Thapa was hanged in a tree near the Manakamana temple in Gorkha on February 2, 1933, for spreading propaganda against the then Rana Prime Minister Jung Bahadur Rana. Thapa was serving in the then military platoon. Martyrs Shukraraj Shastri, Dharmabhakta Mathema, Dasharath Chand Thakur, and Ganga Lal Shrestha were also killed during the Rana rule.

    Shukraraj Shastri was hanged from a tree in Pachli, Kathmandu on Magh 10, 1997 BS at midnight in the night. Mathema was killed in Sifal. Similarly, Dasharath Chand Thakur was shot dead at Shobha Bhagwati on Magh 14 and Ganga Lal Shrestha was taken to Shobha Bhagwati at 10 pm on the same day and tied to a pole and shot dead.

    Nepal's most downloaded mobile application, Hamro Patro, pays homage to all known and unknown martyrs who sacrificed their lives to bring change for the dimensions of future generations and the country. The time has come for Nepali politics and leadership to think about how much we have been able to realize the dreams and sacrifices of these martyrs.

    What is the condition of the families and houses of the martyrs and the members of the martyr's family in remote areas? Blessings of the martyrs should always be received by this state and the tears of the martyrs should be wiped away by the state.

    The colors of the blood of the martyrs are mixed in the soil all over the mountains, hills and the Terai, they have a dream in the Nepali sky and the selfless sacrifice of the martyrs in Nepali democratic practice is incomparable.
    We are all equally responsible for building a new Nepal based on the republican democracy achieved through the freedom sacrificed by the martyrs for us, isn't it?

    Today, Martyr's Day is being celebrated with various programs all over Nepal. Instead of looking for and keeping pictures of martyrs between Mala and Abir, keep the martyrs in your heart and love the country.

    Drona Navami

    The winter is fading and the glory of Surya Narayan is increasing. The ninth day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Magh is known as Drona Navami. Best wishes to all on this year's Drona Navami.

    Drona Navami plays a special role in the annual religious pilgrimage from Shalinadi to Bajrayogini. This pilgrimage is known as the Madhav Narayana festival. On the Drona Navami pilgrimages eat tasmai or the kheer.

    This Navami is named after Guru Drona, the Guru of both the Kauravas and the Pandavas. Drona, who is considered to be the reincarnation of Dev Guru Brihaspati, had a unique knowledge of martial arts and weapons. Good luck to everyone in this Navami named after Drona who has a special role in Mahabharata.

    Suyog Dhakal

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