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Jan/Feb 2023
2079 Magh
Jan 28, 2023

Achala Saptami
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Achala Saptami | Safer Internet day

Winter is coming down, The sun (Surya Narayan) has gone Uttarayana's direction. After the descent begins, many traditions are developed to absorb the energy and speed of the sun. The Tithi of saptami today is very important and this saptami is known as Achala Saptami i.e. Rath Saptami and Arogya Saptami.

This day, which falls on the seventh day of Magh Shukla Paksha, is also believed to be the date of birth of Lord Surya. It is said that fasting and worshiping on this day will bring health, happiness, and positive energy.

It is believed that the seven horses of Lord Surya would enthrone Lord Surya on the divine chariot/ Rath on this day and start running all year round, hence this tithi is also called Rath Saptami.

Best wishes to all on today's special tithi.

Safer Internet day

Welcome to Safer Internet Day 2022. This year's Safe Internet Day beholds a very crucial meaning.

The gradually overcoming globe is again terrified because of the prevailing Omicron. COVID terror has again reduced human movement and physical contact on the world map. The use of technology, especially the Internet is increasing every passing year. Today's world is in dire need of a secure Internet as the world community buys and sells goods and services full-time on the Internet, studies are taught through the Internet, and tea shop gossip is spread to Facebook groups and zooms.

A parallel world runs over the net and the safety of the internet is very crucial.

The 19th edition of Safer Internet Day is being celebrated on February 8, 2022. This year's theme is 'All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online. It proclaims solidarity for a secure and dignified internet that is not just confined to gaming and chats only. Safer Internet Day is celebrated every year to promote the safe and positive use of digital technology for children and youth and to promote national dialogue in this regard.

Safe Internet Day is celebrated in more than 170 countries around the world, jointly organized by Insafe / Inhope in collaboration with the European Commission and national secure internet centers across Europe. Since 2019, ChildSafeNet has been responsible for organizing and promoting Safe Internet Day in Nepal.

Meaningful wishes to every internet user.

Suyog Dhakal

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